Welcome! to the  World Iceroadracing center

Iceroadracing is an invention for high quality training and fun for any kind of rider worldwide. Iceroadracing gives the pilot training possibilitys that is'nt possible on asfalt tracks. Iceroadracing is extreamly fun, easy too learn and safe (even for beginners). The Iceroadracing camp here in Sweden was open for international groups/individuals to visit, and some riders did directly win races after 2 day of training on ice. The gool was to have the camp open here for pleasure, business or as world champion and put toghether 2day-week program for you.

News The Project/camp is closed!
Iceroadracing became wery popular worldwide from turist/race companyes and media. The Iceroadracing project/company needed to grove fast to make everybody happy and I am not alone able to do this. This fantastic Company need investors/partners or to be sold and will stay closed until then.
Tires/studs only is not for sale and the technology is a secret!!

Enyoy the site! and feel free to coment/sugest!