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3 identical versions of each video is available, one small low quality Media player7 video and one big fullscreen Media player7 version. Remember to press "Alt + Return for fullscreen after you started the video.
You may need "Microsoft Media player" on your computer to see the videoclip, go and get it here at.
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MP7 2,3mb
MP7 0,8mb

Video 1

The inventor on a old ZXR 900 playing in some faster corners and exits.
MP7 4,4mb
MP7 1,5mb

Omboard Video 2

See the inventor of the sport, Per Hansson performing Iceroadracing on a 250cc bike.
Keep your eyes on the rear end of the bike in front while powersliding.
(wery instructive)
MP7 2,1mb
MP7 0,7mb

Wheele Video 3

See a wery close power wheele and some medium fast corner exits from a 900cc and 250cc. (pureaction)
MP7 2,0mb
MP7 0,7mb

Burnout on ice??? Video 4

Wath to do, if you want to check the ice or forgot your padock stand.
MP7 2,4mb
MP7 0,8mb

Video 5

See some short clips with 900cc and the 250cc 2stroke with the Bike journalist after 2 hours on ice.
MP7 15mb

Video 6

Video produced by an Austrian company