Iceroadracing history

My ideas about Iceroadracing started after I practiced alone on a wet track with soap on it in Norway! I gained (over a day) very good training, enough for a 2nd place in the Scandinavian championship a week after, even though I was an outsider. The soap experience and a visit at Roberts ranch in -91 made my head spin in search for an effective training method, possible to use during the low season. According to training-scientists, I have contacted says, you should make the training as similar to roadracing as possible, if you want it to be effective for the rider. Normally riders use moto-cross, moto-cross on ice, dirt track, speedway, mountain bike and so on during the low season as training, but these does not give the same feeling at all. For the first time in my roadracing career, I realized how to use the winter as an advantage. And all of this ended up on the ice of Storsjön (the Greatlake). in winter sport famous Jämtland in the middle of Sweden. Of cause it took a lot of years, money, testing and tires before it worked. The first generations of tire made the bike nuts, like violent wobbling in 80-90km/h, Michelin slicks explodes and many other problems. A problem in the beginning was that I listened to mush on "ice-experts" and tried to use the same technology as bike/car/snowmobile use. I realised that I have to go my own way and construct a completely new tire if it's going to give the right felling and last on a superbike. Many tried to copy my tires with out success and I can just recommend everybody to be patient until my tires is ready sell. It is stupid to somebody else to spend what I spended just achieve the same result.