Participants (riders) have to do minimum 2 day of Iceroadracing and the
price is 3800:- SEK (~420:-Euro) per person/ 2days for a group of minumum of 4 persons.

Maybe you put togheter the group or you join a group we put togheter?
Riders split a 600cc bike with other riders and you will be able to do about
100 laps (250km) on the 3km track / 2 days.

Included in this is a very light lunch (hot dogs......) Pizza 6km away?.

If You crach the bike we charge the repair cost or Max 3000:-SEK (330:-Euro)
per crach.

Here do you find information about where to stay and eat, car-rental, transportetion, flights and other things to do. This kinde of reservations you have to make directly with each company and not to me.

Minimun 2 days is reqired to make a Iceroadracing beginner
to realy get up the feeling and speed of the riding on ice. The first day you go in to chock and the riding does not work so well. After the second day you
are just going to love Iceroadracing.
I allways explain that i am not wath riders have to say about Iceroadracing after just one day, next day I listen.

If You have other suggestions/plans like more days of riding, conferance groups and so on ...Contact us

If you have booked the iceroadracing but we descover that the conditions for it is no good, we can cancel sa fast as possible and return the fee you payed to us, only.