Bikes and Tracks


The bikes for the moment we use is 600cc supersports. The bikes have of course special tires that have been developed during 7 years. I also put safety bars over the wheels and under the engine. The tracks on "my" frozen lake are 3,2km and 2,5 km x 10-15 meter wide and gave me a medium speed of 110-155 km/h and top speed of up to 245 km/h.


The tracks have simular design as a normal racetrack like Silverstone/Susuka, but flat and only made for bikes. If we want we can actually make a copy of a real track with help from a GPS. We also have a huge 1,5km "circletrack" that lets you press down the bike more and more lap after lap in 150km/h. This track does not exist anywhere else! The season here starts when thickness of the ice becomes 15 cm on the lake, but in March it will be almost 1meter thick.