The inventor and director of Iceroadracing

Per Antonio Hansson, Born 8 of March 1967 in Belo Horizonte/Brasil by Swedish parents. 75% of my life I lived in Sweden and have swedish school background ended as machine engineer. I am living together with my girlfriend Monica (from Brasil too) in Nälden in our house. After years in racing and some years living in Brasil, I moved back to Sweden and invented iceroadracing for fun in the beginning, but today it is different.

More information will be added later.


Photo gallery
Some race pictures from my racing career 1984-1991 in 125cc to Superbike category.

Photo gallery
Private photo gallery with some personal pictures.

Photo gallery, 27-07-2003
Pictures of our new born son "Kelvin" during his first hours and coming weeks.

Photo gallery, 1-11-2003
Pictures of our son"Kelvin de Viking Monteiro Hansson" 2- 3 month old.

Photo gallery, 15-11-2003 - 15-10-2004
Kelvin 4-5,5 month old now and geting more and more dangerus for the girls.

Photo gallery during christmas
Kelvin 4-5 month old.

Photo gallery during January and February
Kelvin 6-7 month old.

Photo gallery during late winter in March and it is time for give Kelvin his name.
Kelvin 8 month old.

Photo gallery during spring in April and we went for a holliday to Denmark.
Kelvin 9 month old.

Photo gallery during spring in May an June and Kelvin lerned how to stand up and walk by 4x4.
Kelvin 10-11 month old.