Places to stay, Transportation, Activitys

Places to stay and Activitys
RÖDÖBUAN Wilderness camp Tel 0046 (0)640 23130

If you are a group of at least 10p this is the right place and gives you the best memory. "Back to the stoneage" A cople of nice cabins with no electricity in the middle of the forest. You heat it with firewood, make dinner with a cook over open fire, join up in the sauna and bath outside, and break the ice of the lake and jump. (the chicken pays the beer).
They have Snowmobiles and Rallycars for rent and more. Only 1km from the racetrack.
The owner is also the leading motorcycle and snowmobile dealer in the state.

WÅNGEN horse race school Tel 0046 (0)640 17417

This is school at the country side 6km from the racetrack on the lake below the school. They have 4-7 bed houses(80euro/day) and hotell room(27euro/p) sauna. Restaurant for students and clients (5-10euro/meal) only problem is that you have hurry back from the lake so you dont miss the dinner and there is no other turist movment around. If you are not coming in a big group this is to recomend. They can arrange conferences and horse trips

ALMÅSA downhill skiing Tel 0046 (0)640-331 25

They have as you can se downhill skiing with ski and snowmobile rental and many other extream aktivities as you can se at www. Also cabins(17euro/P) but during week 7-10 and 15-17 you can only rent cabins a hole week (sun-sun) (400euro/week/6P). The restaurant is the place to meet after the day. They have permition to pickup arriving clients at the airport in Östersund (50km) and directly make a snowmobilesafari up to Almåsa. 18km north of the racetrack.

You need some transportation during the time here, becauce there is no lokal busses and we do not have resorses and time to take you to and from the lake ...airport... and so on. sorry!
Flights, Transportation and car rental in Östersund and at the Airport
Fly very cheap to Stockholm by
Europcar 0046 (0)63 574750
They have from small cars to minivans (WV-Caravel) with 9 places
Hertz 0046 (0)63 575030
Sixt 0046 (0)63 104410
Avis 0046 (0)63 101250